Culturally Confused

Offering our diverse and tasty Fine Salsa since 2013

-   ABOUT US  -

Culturally Confused recipe was conceived in 2013 by Greg and Mirella Smith. Both have a passion for great food with all natural ingredients which led them to hone and master the recipe for Culturally Confused Fine Salsa. Their history of cooking and coming from culturally diverse backgrounds was an integral part of creating such a delicious recipe. Greg, an Irish-American from the Midwest and Mirella, a Latina from Texas, combined efforts and experience to develop a diverse taste. 

Soon thereafter, friend Don Hatton partnered with Greg and Mirella. He too appreciated all natural foods that could be used in various ways to augment dishes. His background in business and manufacturing took them out of the kitchen and into stores. The concept of the Culturally Confused brand was something he wanted to expand and share with others.


One major initiative that Greg, Mirella, and Don have vowed to assist in is helping children who have been adversely affected by war, poverty, illness, and natural disasters. Culturally Confused has partnered with Kids Around The World to assist with their their cause.